How bay leaves control and decreases acne from the skin?

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Bay leaves are one of the predominant forms of herb which can easily make sure that our body remains fresh internally. And with the help of this natural medicine, which has an intense flavor. They are natural and evergreen plant which is used in every season and acts like one of the best blood purifiers. And this makes sure that our blood remains clot free.

Ways to lower the level acne from the body with the regular consumption of the herb 

Hot bath- as we all knows about the fact that with the tub from the hot shower, the pores of our skin open straightforwardly. And our dirt and oil from the surface are eliminated very effectively. Therefore by adding bay leaves in hot water will eventually give us the best possible results in no time as it will kill all the bacteria from our pimples.

Include it in the diet- for clear skin having our system clean is one of the most vital parts as our mothers say that beauty comes from inside our body. Therefore including this plant in every portion of diet like in morning tea, lunch, and dinner in the form of adding them in curries, rice, and water will help our system to stay clean for a longer time.

Bay leaves oil- there is special oil that is extracted from the leaves of bay, which can be applied on the skin directly. It will help our skin to remove dirt and harmful bacteria from the area of the pimple, which results in quick elimination of acne from our skin. Therefore we all know that acne is all about pimples and applying hot bay oil. This will make sure that our pores remain open and are hydrated from essential oils.